About me

Hello! I am Abby from Warsaw, your exclusive comanion for any occasion. When you come to Warsaw, I would love to meet you and to make your stay more pleasurable.

Why I call myself a „companion“? Sex is too easy to get today. We live in a society where everything is easy, and that can be a turn-off. That’s not what the men who contact me want. These are very wealthy and successful men, some from well-known companies, and they can get sex anywhere. They like to be challenged and want something more subtle, and the successful women in this business offer them that. Seduction is an endangered skill, and that’s my favourite part of the process. When I interact with someone, even from the first email, what we are trying to do is seduce each other. It’s like a dance. I use the term “ companionship“ for what I do, because there is a spectrum. On one side you have straightforward sex for money, and on the other you have full-blown relationships. I see myself as being somewhere along that continuum. I think it is a common female fantasy to be in this business. I also always wanted to do it, since I was little. It was mysterious, and I like intelligent and influential men, and I like adventures life.

Please follow to my sites and find out more about me. I present my reel and actual fotos, some information about me and my expectations about you. If you will like what you see and read, please contact me with some details on my email, I will reply to you asap with more details.

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